Why Upgrade to Windows 10

Since its debut on July 31st, I have been asked over and over should I upgrade to Windows 10.  To answer this simpley.. Yes. Here’s why.

  1. Its not 8.  Windows 10 is far from Windows 8. No more forcing you to use a full screen of tiles as your goto start area. From the bottom left corner of your screen a quick click the Windows Icon brings a familiar start menu to life animated with all of your apps, your most used apps, and even live tiles.
  2. Cortana. With the command enabled all you have to do is say “hey Cortona remind me to pickup nails at Home Depot.  Cortona the new virtual assistant built into Windows 10 will set a reminder for you. If you have the Cortona App on your phone guess what. The next time you are in range of a Home Depot Cortona will gladly vibrate or with a sound notification remind you to pickup your nails.  She also will track your packages and give you quick status updates with 1 click.
  3. Windows Store.  Just like your Apple or Android device there is now a store in Windows 10, its been revamped and beefed up since Windows 8 with a lot more useful content. You can watch movie trailers and buy mp3 cds right from your desktop.  Movies even have a live feed direct from RottenTomatoes.com letting you know if its a worthy view. Universal Apps are also a huge part of the new Windows ecosystem. Which brings me to #4.
  4. Universal Apps. A universal app is an app for Windows 10 such as Candy Crush or Netflix.  The same app will work across multiple Windows 10 platforms such as a PC, Desktop, Surface, Surface Book, Windows 10 Phone and Xbox One. What does that mean for you? It means that you will be presented with the same format of the app across all of the Windows 10 devices, it also means more apps for us from the app writers. More games and more programs!
  5. Microsoft Edge.